Ensure that agents utilize the same winning language and techniques across your entire phone team. 


Balto understands phone conversations and guides agents in real-time, before the call is lost. 


Balto automatically correlates language with specific outcomes and scales best practices across the team.



Monitor key insights that drive conversation performance in real-time before rolling out team wide. 

Immediate Reinforcement Drives Habits

Built for modern contact centers, Balto’s Live Call Guidance technology makes it easy to enforce effective conversation techniques across teams of all sizes and disciplines. Balto offers unparalleled ability to standardize performance, provide real-time alerts, and improve call outcomes.

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Live Call Guidance for Sales Teams

By understanding phone conversations in real-time, Balto Live Call Guidance is your one-stop solution for standardizing messaging and increasing close rates. Balto isn’t just scripting management, it actually detects the conversation elements that humans miss.


  • Balto automatically detects pains, concerns, objections, and other key conversation elements and instantly provides agents with the best language to handle each situation. 
  • Balto automatically detects questions and provides correct, real-time answers for your agents, no matter the size of the team or knowledge-base. 
  • Balto prompts agents to dig deeper with intelligence discovery questions and reminds them to go for the ask when the time is right. 

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Live Call Guidance for Customer Service Teams

Balto Live Call Guidance automatically tracks and enforces the actions that improve customer experience, like empathy and active listening. Balto ensures that calls are handled properly in a single conversation. 


  • Balto automatically detects caller-side questions and prompts agents with the correct answers in order to improve communication, shorten handle times, and reduce callbacks. 
  • Balto promotes soft skills, like active listening, empathy, de-escalation, and rapport building in order to create closer and more effective connections between agents and callers. 
  • Balto detects the underlying issues behind each call and guides agents to quickly provide effective solutions.
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Live Call Guidance for Compliance & Quality

Balto serves as your real-time compliance and quality manager by flagging weak and non-compliant language. Balto goes beyond catching language after the call has been lost, but live on the call when the agent still has time to correct.


  • Balto automatically detects weak and non-compliant language and alert agents to self-correct before the conclusion of the call. Conversely, Balto enforces mandatory language in each conversation and automatically alerts agents who haven’t used it. 
  • Balto automatically detects and tracks high-risk calls for immediate review and feedback.
  • Balto promotes effective negotiation and communication strategies that improve agent outcomes while reducing misccommunication between parties.  

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