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Live Call Guidance Powered by AI.


Artificial Intelligence is consistent. Artificial Intelligence is objective. And now Artificial Intelligence can power your sales, service, and collectors on 100% of their calls.

The Details

1) Balto understands phone conversations and, in real time, alerts reps with the right things to say at high-impact points in their calls. 

2) Balto captures the language and conversation techniques of your best reps and automatically enforces it across your entire team. 

3) 59% of phone training is forgotten within one week, and it’s costing your organization serious money. Balto enforces your training in real-time using immediate reinforcement, before the call is lost.

4) 74% of leading organizations list phone training as the single most important activity that front-line managers can perform, yet managers only spend a fraction of the time doing it. With Balto, coaching happens on every call. Period. 

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Reps Forget 59% of their training in one week.

And that’s a big problem. It means that most of the time, the effort you are putting into your sales or customer service training isn’t translating into results.

The Solution? 

Live Call GuidanceTM powered by Balto understands phone conversations and alerts your sales and customer service reps with the right things to say, in real-time, on 100% of their calls. Balto ensures that your training is applied at scale.

Make Your Training Valuable 

Automatically track the strengths and weaknesses of each rep’s sales or customer service language and quickly apply fixes before their next sales training. 

Alert Reps In Real-Time 

Pick from dozens of masterfully calibrated alerts and triggers to flag unwanted language in any call environment, in real-time, on every single conversation. 

Stop Compliance Violations 

Prevent costly compliance violations by flagging non-compliant language in real-time and guiding reps to correct the violation before it’s too late.

Why Do Sales, Service, and Collections Teams
Trust Balto?

Conquer Common Conversation Mistakes

Balto helps your reps avoid common selling mistakes by alerting them when they’re overlooking pain signals or dominating the conversation.

Support Your Reps in Real Time

Balto coaches your reps to recognize objections in real time and deploy objection handling techniques at critical junctures throughout the call.

Make Your Coaching Stick

Balto reinforces strong sales techniques with habit-forming cues backed by today’s most respected sales authors and psychologists.

Customer Results after 30 Days of Use


Increase in Probing Questions Per Call


Increase in Authority Signals Per Call


Increase In Buyer Interest Per Call

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