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100 of the Best Sales Discovery Questions

100 Discovery Questions   We listen to a lot of phone calls here at Balto, and we wanted to take some time to compile some of the common questions we hear during phone conversations. A few things we've noticed:   1) Many questions force the prospect to identify...

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What Do You Do When Your Sales Meeting is Going Off Track?

What Do You Do When Your Sales Meeting is Going Off Track? According to research by the CEB, the average enterprise purchasing decision requires consensus from 5.4 decision makers. This is a huge number and it isn’t even counting the various minor stakeholders who...

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Your Opener

Your Opener If you blow your opening sentence, your call’s ruined. The most important thing to remember about your opener is this: Your opener isn’t about you. It’s about your prospect. How many cold calls have you heard just like this? Caller: Hi! It’s John Smith...

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Case for a Quick Pitch

The Case for a Quick Pitch Many salespeople will tell you that the longer that you have a prospect on the phone, the better. I completely disagree. Many salespeople think that keeping a prospect on the phone longer makes it more likely that the prospect will close. In...

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Names, Names, Names

Names, Names, Names There might be nothing in the universe that identifies you so well as your name. Think about it for a second: 90% of the time you hear your name, something in your life changes. Someone is starting a conversation with you. Someone is giving you a...

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You’ve had a bad day at work. A couple of your most promising deals now seem like they’re going sour. Tired and frustrated, you slide into your car, grip your icy-cold steering wheel, and start your trek back home. Just a few minutes into your commute, the driver next...

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The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall Imagine that you’re watching a horror film. In a long, dark hallway, the protagonist stands frozen, cautiously ducking his head, lantern in hand. He’s just heard a noise. He creeps his head forward to investigate, and the ominous symphony music grows...

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Digging for Gold

Digging for Gold You searched and searched, but there was none to be found. There were two “we’re all good”s, three “we do really well with that”s, and one “we’re pretty happy with what we have.” You almost gave up. You didn’t think you’d find any. You were just...

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Never Give Up on a Question

Never Give Up on a Question You just asked: “Based on your LinkedIn, I figured that you have a hand in improving x and, y, is that right?” Your prospect replies: “Wait a sec. Now, what is it that your company does, exactly?” How do you respond? If you’re like most...

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