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The Balto Story

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The Question We Asked...

Have we forgotten the art of good conversation?



In 1936, commenting on how challenging it can be to engage people in genuine conversation, Dale Carnegie wrote, “To be genuinely interested in other people is a most important quality for a sales-person to possess—for any person, for that matter.”

The key to engaging another person, Carnegie explains, is to deeply understand the other person’s point of view.
As sales reps ourselves, we felt like we were just scratching the surface of our customers’ needs. What was causing this disconnect? To find the answer, we took an honest look at our own phone skills.

Why We Asked It

As sales reps, we found ourselves straying from Dale Carnegie’s advice. We spent too many meetings talking about our products and our timelines. We talked too much and too fast. We treated objections like debates. We failed to understand our customers’ needs.
But habits are tough to change, right? Mistakes always seem to pop up. To be effective on the phone, it takes constant reminders about the number one rule of sales and service: the customer comes first. And sometimes, a sticky note on your computer monitor isn’t enough.

What We Did About It

We designed Balto to provide your reps perfectly-timed, always-relevant reminders to keep the customer top of mind. 
When your reps are on the phone, in the most critical moments of their conversations – the moments when reps are most likely to forget the best practices you’ve taught them and the scripting they’ve been practicing – Balto offers them live call guidance that eliminates costly mistakes and allows you to coach on best practices, even when you’re not around.

Your Turn?

Here’s the vision: you click a button, and your entire team executes perfect conversations…on every single call. Your struggling reps immediately implement the exact same discovery questions, objection rebuttals, and customer-focused language as your top reps. Whenever a rep starts to talk too much, the rep instantly recognizes the mistake and refocuses on the customers’ needs.
This is the power of Balto.
If you think this sounds interesting, schedule your demo with us. Let’s see what’s possible.
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