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Grow Revenue and Enforce Compliance With Real-Time Call Coaching

 Balto understands phone conversations and automatically guides reps to execute perfectly on every call


Why Do Sales, Service, and Collections Teams Trust Balto?

Thumbs Up

Ask for the Sale Every Time

Balto expands your tops reps’ best closing techniques across your entire time, instantly guiding reps to ask for the sale before it’s too late 

Group Hierarchy

Never Freeze at an Objection

Balto automatically recommends your team’s most effective rebuttals – the ones that boost conversion rates and make steller reps stand out 

Tie Man Speaking

Turn One Coach into Twenty 

Empower your coaches to ride along with every rep on every call with the push of a button. Coach reps in the moments they need it most – automatically

Gears of Change

Training Doesn’t Stick

Reps forget 22% of their coaching sessions after one day and up to 59% after one week. Managers don’t have the time to reinforce conversation skills across the entire team

Money in Hand

Small Errors Lose Revenue

Because your reps only have the chance to engage in a handful of conversations each day, small mistakes make or break their production

Thinking Head

Habits are Hard to Change

Even when your reps know what they should do on a call, executing in the excitement of a live call is hard. What’s stopping your reps from executing perfectly every time?

Customer Results after 30 Days with Balto


Increased Revenue


Reduced QA costs


Reduced Training Times

How Does Balto Work?



Balto uses AI to analyze every call as its happening and guides reps to win revenue and avoid costly mistakes before the call is lost.


With Balto, feedback is instantaneous, delivered the moment the rep needs it most. Now, a manager’s feedback doesn’t come after a call has been lost, but before a call finishes, allowing the rep to fix mistakes before they happen.

Balto Talk Speed Demo Image

  Agents Forget 59% of their Coaching Within One Week.


It doesn’t have to be this way.